Assessment and Consultation Services


If you are a client with a referral, please go here to access the assessment form.



If you are needing psychological assessments for any of your clients, adult or adolescent, Dr. Bowman has been offering affordable assessment services to a variety of agencies and private practitioners in the Kansas City area for over a decade.


Common rationale for assessment includes:


ADHD screening (adult and adolescent)

Anxiety-related disorders

Arousal template identification

Behavioral issues among adolescents

Betrayal trauma impact

Couples recovery

Disordered personality styles
Dual-diagnosis clarification

Mood disorders

Problematic sexual behaviors (compulsivity/addiction)

Treatment resistance
Trauma symptomology baseline
And more...

Assessment instruments include the:

Brown ADD Scales (adolescent and adult)

Inventory of Altered Self-Capacities

Inventory of Partner Attachment, Stress and Trauma (IPAST)

Money and Work Adaptive Styles Inventory (MAWASI)

Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV

Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI)

Personality Assessment Inventory-Adolescent (13-17) (PAI-A)

Personality Inventory for Youth (9-12) (PIY)

Post-traumatic Stress Inventory-Revised (PTSI-R)

Sexual Dependency Inventory (SDI)

Trauma Symptom Inventory-2

Sexual Digital Media Inventory

Sexual Addiction Screening Battery (SDI, PTSI-R, PAI)

Betrayal Trauma Screening Battery (IPAST, PTSI-R, PAI)

These assessments are intended to be adjunctive to the therapeutic work you are providing to your clients, and are not intended to be considered forensic in nature.

Some of these instruments can be administered online, resulting in quick turnaround times and less demand on your time as a therapist.


If you are a client with a referral, please go here to access the assessment form.


As clinicians, we have all had that moment of surprise when a client discloses something that would have been very helpful to know much earlier in the treatment process. The reality is that sometimes clients WANT to tell us, they just don't know HOW to tell us about the painful, overwhelming, shameful, or forgotten experiences they have endured that would help us to help them with greater effectiveness, alleviate their suffering with more compassion, and direct their care with deeper understanding. In my years of clinical practice, I have seen psychological assessments give language to the parts of their story that clients sometimes struggle to share with us. It is a way to pull back the curtain of their psyche and get down into the roots of the concerns they are seeking your assistance for. And more than just language, these assessments help provide a framework for self-understanding and self-compassion among the clients who complete them. You've been trained to provide empirically supported interventions in your clinical work; now you have the opportunity to generate powerful empirical data to help you pair the most effective treatment options to the best diagnostic and conceptual insights for those you provide care for in your practice.


If you are a client with a referral, please go here to access the assessment form.


Simply contact us for more information (see form below). You will receive a detailed flyer outlining specific assessments offered, pricing, and instructions for your clients to pay for, access, and complete their assessment(s). Upon your client's completion of the assessment, you will be provided with a detailed report of the assessment results by providing confirmation of a completed Release of Information.

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